Store Bus

One of my first ideas when I created Skullastic was to turn a school bus into a driving retail store.
After months and MONTHS of searching, painting, welding and stocking, that bus is finally here!

The inside of the bus was aleady gutted when I bought it so it was much easier for shelves, lockers
and hanging displays to be designed and installed to showcase all our mega-cool Skullastic products.

The bus was tricked out by the company that designed and detailed cars featured in Fast and Furious,
Austin Powers
, Herbie Fully Loaded and Ghostbusters! I’d worked with them on a freelance project
a couple years ago and they were happy to help me out. These guys are crazy good at what they do!

They spent about 4 months sanding and painting the outside, creating the shelving and displays for
the inside. The tricky thing about a mobile retail store is that it moves and that means everything inside
moves too…so special care has to be taken to ensure it doesn’t fall apart every time you hit a pot hole!

Look out for the Store Bus on the streets of L.A. Seriously…look out! We’re really bad drivers!
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